You were meant to be a derby girl if…

1. You have an aversion to pants.

2. When you jump off a bridge, you try to convince everyone else to jump off it as well. Even if you broke your leg in the fall.

3. After the cast comes off your leg, you jump off the bridge again.

4. Instead of dancing, you have this insane urge to talk everyone into making a human pyramid when you go out to bars.

5. You have often been described as “bat shit crazy” by your friends and family.

6. You have often been described as “the quiet one” by your friends and family.

7. You have often been described as “a nice normal girl” by your friends and family.

8. You don’t know what leg wrestling IS exactly, but something deep inside of you stirs when you hear the words, and you know you want it to be the solution to every single argument you will ever have.

9. You’ve always thought there was something beautiful about a bruise.

10.When shopping, you have an urge to check people that are in your way.

11. Ditto for driving.

Any other additions anyone can think of? It’s a hard list to put together, since so many girls are MEANT TO BE derby girls. They just don’t know it yet.


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