So this just happened…

Customer walks into shop. She orders her drink, then this happens:

Customer: I tried to come by and get a chai last week, but the door was locked and no one would come to the door!
Me: Really? What time was it?
Customer: 8:30
Me: Oh I’m sorry! We close at 8pm!
Customer: I know THAT, but there were still workers inside! They were counting money at the counter.
Me: *blink blink*
Customer: I just thought you should know. Next time they see me at the door they better unlock it! I’m cranky without my chai you know!
Me: *blink blink* I’m sorry, if it’s after close they shut everything down so that, you know, they can go home…They can’t open back up, especially after they’re doing the register. It’s for their safety.
Customer: Well, I can’t make it on Tuesdays before 830
Me: *blink*
Customer: Have a good day! See you next Tuesday right????
Me: *blink*