Oops, sorry Carly. (Firefly and Doctor Who Spoilers)

*I originally posted this on ravelry.com, but had a request to post it over here when I was trying to describe it to a friend who is not a knitter. (They DO exist!!!)

I have a very sweet employee named Carly. She wasn’t much of a nerd until she started working for me, but things have changed. Last year, I got her to watch Firefly. At one point she came into work and gushed about how Walsh was her favorite character ever.
When she got ready to watch Serenity I went ahead and gave her the next day off of work.

Then I got her into Doctor Who. I kept bugging her to watch it, and she finally started. After about a week she was telling me how much she loved Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

When she started Season 2, she said that she liked the new guy okay, but it didn’t matter, because for her it was all about Rose. As long as Rose was around, everything was just peachy keen.

Now she’s almost done with Season 3, the Martha season. She says she’s still not over Rose, but she likes Martha. She in fact, loves this season. (though she had to watch Blink with all the lights on) So she’s cool, she can handle it. The only person so far that she couldn’t stand was the redhead from the weird Christmas special.

Umm… oops.

I need to find a nice, safe, nerdy show for her where all the characters live happily ever after.

Epic Trash Find! R2-D2 edition

I am not normally one for plucking things out of strangers trash. Dill is. When we first moved into our neighborhood he found a stand up arcade game called Mercs. He took it, fixed it (the screen was black until he hit it with a screwdriver) and we spent a drunken cookout with many friends playing it.
Another time, we were driving and he saw a star wars cup teetering on the top of a trash can. He stopped the jeep, grabbed it, hopped back in and upon realizing it was a Jar Jar cup, scoffed and tossed it in the back of the jeep. A year later, we were going through a box and found the cup. Giggling like idiots, we drove back the the house he had gotten it from, and set it on their porch.
Once, Dill got me involved in his trash collecting. We were still new to the neighborhood, and as we were driving though, Dill spotted a really cool, retro style pink and purple bag. He did a u-turn, and told me to hop out and grab the bag. I started protesting, since the family who lived in the house were all sitting, having dinner in front of their big picture window. I did not want to always be known as the neighbors who went through others trash. He insisted, I figured it would be better to get it over with, and grabbed the bag. It was HEAVY! When we opened it, we discovered a pink bowling ball named Angie inside.

Yesterday apparently, it was my turn. The fates aligned for me to get the ultimate trash find. See, normally I drive a Honda Del Sol. A two seated, very teeny tiny car. But Sunday, we bought a minivan, and I’ve been driving it around this week to test it out. Then I took a wrong turn, and ended up on a different road than I normally take to go to the store, and saw THIS:

I called Dill and told him about it, and he started pleading with me to get it. After much hemming and hawing on my part, I made several u-turns and fought some wicked traffic to get to the driveway and R2. I felt weird just snatching it from the curb in broad daylight, so I knocked on the door. An older gentleman answered and looked a bit taken aback to find a flustered pink haired girl on his front step.
“I’m sorry to bother you, but are you throwing that R2 away”?
“Yeeeeessss” At this point he looked beyond baffled. I mean, it was on the CURB! Of course he was throwing it away!
“Sooo… I can have it”? I was kind of dancing from foot to foot at this point in excitement. He laughed, told me to go get it, and offered to help me put it in the van.

And now we have an R2, and I’m officially a person who gets into other peoples trash.

We’re thinking of turning him into a beer cooler, or a keg holder for the bar Dill is building in the front room.

I wish he had his head, but I think we can get one built. I plan on harassing some of the guys in the 501st at my book signing tomorrow night about how such a thing can be done!

What to wear: TV eddition!

Last Monday I was interviewed on the local show, Indy Style. Of course, I wanted to wear something cool and stylish, and luckily, I had just finished my Corona Sweater! I had made on of these before, and it’s an absolutely lovely, easy to follow pattern. This time, I decided to make the sleeves full length, and made the body a bit longer, so it would cover my bum if I decided to wear it with leggings or *gasp* jeggings. (Don’t judge, I have a derby ass and thighs that normal pants do not always love)
I knit it in the super soft Sugarbunny yarn from KnitPicks. Of course I had to use smaller needles, so I knit it up a size from what I would normally wear, cast on a few extra stitches for the body and the sleeves. I think it turned out great!

The hat is my go to stress reliever pattern: Vintage Swish. I made the slouchy version, but cut out one of the lace decreases to make it a bit shorter, since my hair is shorter now.

I had a blast doing the interview and now I’m gearing up for my first book signing at Barnes and Noble this Wednesday!
If you’re in Indy come by and say “Hi”! Troy Denning will also be doing a signing that night. There will be storm troopers and costumes galore!