Shiny yarn!

A couple months ago, I worked up a pattern for a new book (not one of my books, I’m contributing to the lovely Genevieve Miller of Vampire Knits latest) and thanks to a twitter suggestion, used a yarn called Galaxie from Bergere de France. (
The yarn was incredible, exactly what I needed for my pattern.

A rep for the company sent me a few color cards and I am now officially obsessed! So many cool new yarns to try! I’m actually getting ready to tear out one of my designs and redo it with one of the yarns from this collection. ( Genevieve if you’re reading this don’t panic, I’ll still make the deadline!)

Some pics:

Finished Time Traveler and the cult of puff.

Hooray! I finished my Time Traveler socks!

As I’ve said before, I’m usually not one for knitting socks. I loved making these though, and adore the yarn!

I didn’t turn the heel correctly I’m afraid. I didn’t have a pattern, I just was at Inconjunction, had some sock yarn, borrowed some sock needles from Laura, and asked her what a standard cast on was. Then I started knitting. So I tried to remember how to turn the heel, but didn’t do it at all properly. I realized when I finished the first sock, then said, “whatever” and did the exact same mistakes in the second sock, so that they would at least match.

As I said, LOVE this yarn. I did notice a teeny tiny bit of bleed in all of the cream sections, however. Not a really big deal but I’m wondering if it’ll wash out.

Of course, finishing the socks means I have leftover sock yarn. What the hell does one DO with leftover sock yarn?
Oh no. Does this mean… do I have to…

Oh yea! I’m joining the cult of puff! Hexipuffs that is! Why not? I’ve got lots of little bits of yarn, might as well make a Beekeepers Quilt!

Right. No more goof off knitting! I have DEADLINES! Where did they come from? I mean, I swear they’ve snuck up so quickly! Are the weeks shorter? Did we move to 20 day months and 12 hour days when I wasn’t looking???

I’ll leave you all with a cute video of Sassy Burrito howling for the first time, and a sideways video of us racing chihuahuas in a swimming pool.

Funerals and pool parties

The other night we got the shocking news that Dill’s co-announcer Brownie, had lost his father in the night. At the age of 54 he had quietly passed in his sleep. Everyone was shocked, and it is a really hard blow to Brownie’s family.
Saturday we attended the viewing and Sunday the funeral. The funeral was full of tears but Brownie kept saying that his Dad would have wanted everyone at his house and having fun, so that is what he wanted everyone to do.
The funeral turned into a pool party, which ended with us racing chihuahuas in the swimming pool. (Brownie and his sister, have two of our dog Sassy’s litter mates).

That’s Sassy with me, and her brother Hank with Brownie. Fat Izzy isn’t in this shot, I’ll post a video and some more pics in the next blog.

I can only hope that when it’s my time to go my friends remember me in such a hilarious way.

I left Dill with Brownie, so they could get drunk and laugh and cry. I was exhausted and knew that one of us had to be able to work in the morning.

It scares me to pieces to think that someone can just die like that. Go to bed and not wake up. Especially when that someone is only 11 years older than my husband, and 6 years younger than my mother.

Hopefully this is the last of my sad blog posts this summer! Trying to think positive thoughts, get ready for GenCon at the end of August, and get caught up on the massive pile of knitting in my bag!

Shhh! Sneaky knitting!

When I have patterns due, I should really do nothing BUT those patterns. Sometimes though, I just have to sneak in a little bit of fun knitting for myself. No tricky math, no frogging and thumping my head on a desk, no sketches and redesigns. Just some nice relaxing sock knitting.

These are fun Doctor Who themed, made with time traveler yarn from Knit Picks. They’re going to take a while, since I really DO need to finish these designs, but they’re a fun little break!


Had a blast this weekend at Inconjunction! I was joined by Laura Hohman, the designer of of the Tank Girl Socks and the Cunning Socks in Knits for Nerds, as well as Zabet Stewart, co-author of The AntiCraft.

We had a great time hosting the geek kniting workshop, as well as the crafting in fandom panel.

I’m even more excited now for GenCon!

I bought this fabulous Doctor Who 10th Doctor Pony in the art room! Isn’t it cute??

Zabet demonstrating how many times she can wrap a Who scarf around Laura.

All three of us accidentally posing according to height. I’ll admit that my shoes were padding my inches (or feet) a bit.

Laura had to try on said shoes, to see if she would instantly break an ankle. (she did not)

Another art room find! It’s post card sized, and someone is going to get that as a card in the mail. You have been warned my friends! Mwhaaha!

A sneaky picture of my Mom laughing at the con. Sometimes that happens.

Hope that those of you who made it enjoyed the panels and the free knitting pattern! I can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet some new people at GenCon!

More sad news.

In yet, MORE sad news my Grandmother passed away. She’s the one who taught me how to knit. Without her there would be no Knockdown Knits and no Knits for Nerds.

I feel the worst for my Mom and I really hope that there is no more bad news for a while. I think we’ve had enough.