Hey curvy knitters!

I’m currently working on a new project and have some questions for you curvy and/or plus sized knitters! One complaint I heard about Knits for Nerds was that there weren’t enough patterns that were made for plus sizes. Acknowledged. I am NOT a plus size designer, and I didn’t want to just add larger sizes without considering shaping! However, I don’t want to leave any knitters out in the cold, so I’ll be hiring someone to help me work in some plus size patterns for the next project. That being said:

If you’re graced with a little more up top, which sort of neck do you prefer? Scoop? Square? V-Neck, or ????

Skirts! Yes? No? Go screw yourself Dark! Knitting skirts is the devils work?

What frustrates you the most about patterns that are plus size? What do you hate/love about a plus size design?

Leave your comments below!

Silks update!

I’m performing in April!!! Holy hell!

This is one of the moves I’ll be doing, we call it the Candy Cane. It’s almost embarrassing to post this video, as I do this one SO much better now! I think this was the second practice where I’d attempted it, so you’ll see me struggle a bit. (I’m the one in the pink tights at the end)

Get off your arse, Dark!

Whoa. You know how sometimes you take a little break from cardio? But it’s okay, you’re still working out right? Weights? Or in my case, Silks! Climbing for a couple hours is a darn good upper body workout. So what was the big deal about skipping run or 20 because of the cold? Right? Right?

No. Bad, bad Dark.

When Dill and I popped out to Castle Gaiman for the weekend to celebrate Lorraine aka Quiche Me Deadly’s birthday, Kyle mentioned running, so I packed my shoes. My foot was a little sore from silks, but I figured a run would be lovely out in the snow.

Instead I came to the harsh realization that if I’m not skating, I need to be running. Because I could NOT keep up with the slow and steady jog that Elyse and Kyle were doing. Lovely people that they were, they kept turning around and coming back to run with me, but oh my goodness… I need to get back on the cardio!

My new pledge is no matter what thermometer says, I’m doing a 5k every day! Tonight it will be on the treadmill, since I can deal with cold, but I don’t want to run on the road in the dark. Tomorrow it’ll be outside before silks. No matter what, I’m running. No more lagging behind!

Nothing will be as beautiful as the view our little arctic running club had though…

That’s me and Kyle. I’m the one in back obviously. Photo by the lovely Elyse Marshall.

Oh! And I need a way to make my vibrams warm for winter running. I tried to run in “normal” running shoes because of the cold temps, and this is what happened:

Photo by Kyle Cassidy

So I’m thinking regular sneakers just aren’t my friend. They felt WEIRD to run in, like I had pony hooves for feet. Maybe I can just wear the weird toe socks with the vibrams. Because gross bloody toes are gross.



If you haven’t read the following books, you should swiftly remedy:

I devoured this thing in just a few hours hours. It’s impossible to put down once you start!

I’m a little ashamed that to admit that I hadn’t read the Graceling trilogy until recently. Once I started I had a lot of trouble stopping to do things that suddenly seemed unimportant. Like going to work, eating food, doing laundry. I admit to getting a bit snippy with anyone who attempted to interrupt me while I was reading these!

If you have not read The Fault in Our Stars, drop whatever you are doing and read it. This was literally, the only time I have ever laughed and cried at the same time while reading a book. I thought that crap was just said in book reviews, not something that actually happened in the wild. But it does. This book can cause it.

Proper blog post to come about an exciting weekend with the ever Fabulous Lorraine for her birthday party(ies) and all the fun we had with slow motion snowballs!