Wasn’t going to share this… (Aerial silks related)

I’m now at the stage of silks where I want to perform routines to music that I pick. Last night was my first attempt, using the song 24 by Jem. I wasn’t going to post this since it is so raw, unpolished, and you can actually see what my face looks like when I’m trying to figure out timing and ” hey, what should go here?”.

The worst part? My stupid phone ran out of space and stopped recording before the cool stuff, like my 360 drop!!! Argh!

Decided to post it anyway, because it is still pretty fun, and what the heck? You all have seen me drunk and passed out before, why not?


Maiden America Blanket!

Remember the Neil and Amanda blanket? I was stuck in a bit of a creative rut a month ago, so I decided to jump start my brain by doing another portrait blanket. Surfing around some of my friends facebook photos, I found one of Maiden America, photographed by Dave Wood. Facebook Page

I started with the photo:

Then I pixelated the ever loving crap out of it, and made a graph! Sometimes when graphing from a photo, certain things can warp out a little bit, so I had to fill in some parts of the chin and jaw to keep her face from getting distorted.

It’s always a little scary to start this sort of thing, because when I’m working on it, it just looks like a blobby mess. Even when I lay it out and step back, it looks like a wreck. I always have to take a photo to make sure it’s coming along the way I want it to.

This was about the point I realized how epically I had messed up. I was so eager once I made the graph to start on the blanket, I didn’t really take a look at all that black space next to her face. If I were smart, I would have cut ALL that black off to the side. It not only would have made the blanket more square, it would have saved me hours of work. Unfortunately, I have a stubborn set of bones in my body, so I decided there was no way in hell I was ripping out and starting over.

Finished product, still needs fabric put on the back:

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I really regret leaving all that black space in. It added DAYS to the project.

Overall it was over 37,000 stitches, and ended up about 6 feet wide! Massive!

I’m hoping this will be a series. You know, something I can do with all my copious amounts of free time! (ha!)