Behind the scenes: Carpenter edition!

You know who the nicest people in the world are? John Carpenter and his wife Sandy King Carpenter. Here is a behind the scenes photo from their shoot. We took this after they fed us a dinner of minestrone soup, bread and pie!

Lala Land

Myself and the wonderful Kyle Cassidy are wrapping up our LA trip! We’ve been here for a few days getting photos for Geek Knits and despite a few hiccups, things are going really well! 

We spent our first day with the gorgeous gals Miracle Laurie and Leah Cevoli. These ladies are so, so gorgeous. I have no idea how we’re going to pick the final pictures for them! 
Here are a few behind the scenes shots:
Our friend Kerrie making Miracle laugh in the make up chair. 
Leah getting her photo taken while Dill handles the lighting.
Miracle being photographed by Kyle.

Kyle bonds with the kitty.
We had dinner with John and Sandy Carpenter that night which was sort of surreal for the boys. They’re staying at the Carpenter’s guest house while Kerrie and I stay at our friend Cat’s. We were too scared of Michael Myers to risk it. 
I saw the ocean for the first time yesterday! 

I have no idea how anyone in California gets any work done ever. I wanted to spend all day acting like a goofy 4 year old chasing waves.
After a night of drinking (so, so much drinking) we got back to work today and shot Mr. Roman Dirge! I may have freaked just a little bit. 
Kyle used me to set up the lighting for Roman’s shoot.
We brought Roman beer. We find that most things in life go easier when you ask people for favors and present them with beer. Thanks to the boys at Oaken Barrel for shipping cases of beer out for our photo shoots! 

Tonight we’ll wrap everything up with Whitney Avalon and Sandy and John Carpenter! Then back home to the real world, the grind at the coffee shop, and the animals!