Lyra and Silks, Silks and Lyra…

I just… I can’t stop. All day I wanna be in the air! I don’t even mind the INSANE bruising!

Fancy photos by Chris Rall, bruise photo by me.

This spine bruise was just a few hours after being on the lyra. The next day it stretched up about 4 or 5 inches. And the backs of my knees were black and blue as well. It’s such a pretty, painful art!

Geek Knits on Facebook!

Geek Knits is getting closer and closer to being a real, physical book that I can hold in my hands! I’ve started a facebook page which is not only going to be for posting about the book, behind the scenes pics and signings, but also some fun knitting tips and goofy ramblings.

Please follow along if you’re on the book of face!