25 things…

I did this on facebook, and I thought that I might as well post it here as well:

Okay, this is kind of hard for me, because I consider myself a pretty open book! Everyone already knows everything about me! I’ll give it a shot though…

1. I love to dance, but I am the worlds worst dancer. I seriously have no rhythm whatsoever, but put on a good track and I will be the first one on the floor jumping around. I miss the 90’s. I could pogo and hit people in a mosh pit and it totally counted as dancing!

2. I never, ever, ever get rid of clothing. I have size 3 jeans from college that I will obviously never fit into again, yet I won’t throw them away! And do I really have any more uses for a flapper dress, veil box hat, or a sparkly sequined halter top? Not to mention the horrible, horrible affection I had for sparkly platform shoes when I was 16. I am somehow convinced that if I ever have a daughter she will want these things. God help her fashion sense if she does…

3. I haven’t worn nail polish on my fingernails in at least 5 years.

4. My obsession with fun hair dye began when I was 7, and I overheard my mother mention she wished at least one of her kids had been a red head. I got a hold of a bottle of red hair dye (see number 5) and dyed my blond hair red.

5. There is a picture of me, with the rest of my family, in full Star Trek Next Generation uniforms. At a sci fi convention. My mom even dyed her hair red to look like Dr. Crusher.

6. I like comic books, like Grrl Scouts, and Kill Your Boyfriend. It made it hard to date when I was younger.

7. My husband and I don’t really talk at home. We sing. Like, “Honey did you feed the dogs”, but sung like we’re in the middle of a musical. Neither of us know why we do it, we just started doing it when we were dating and never stopped.

8. Oddly enough, I LOVE musicals, and my husband HATES them.

9. I actually like my mother in law, and my sister in law.

10. I’ve played guitar and bass since I was 12. Which made for a not so pleasant experience for my brother, who got stuck with the bedroom next to me.

11. I love punk music. Not new, melodic punk. Screaming, thrashing, guitars out of tune punk. And I scream along to it in the car. I’ve got unmarked cd, after unmarked cd of punk bands that would play at Rhino’s in Bloomington that would rip and sell cd’s out of their van. no idea of the names of most of these bands.

12. I have a very impressive collection of make-up, that I never have time to wear.

13. I love fashion, but during the day can’t be bothered.

14. I wish I had more room in my shop, so I could turn half of it into a yarn store. I think my husband has nightmares about what would become of our house if we owned a yarn store…

15. Despite the fact that my brother and I fought like wild crazy children in our youth, I adore him, and secretly wish that a university in Indiana would offer him a job that pays well enough for him to move home.

16. I love my dog, to the extent that I dumped several guys because I felt like they didn’t give him enough attention when they came to my house. If I got the “vibe” that they didn’t really like my dog, and were only being polite, I would dump them, usually before we even got to dinner.

17. I once kicked a guy in the teeth at a Violent Femmes show, and I think only escaped being kicked out by security because the guy who lost his teeth was 6ft 5 and HUGE, and at the time I was 5′ 5 and 90 lbs. I looked really, really innocent and sweet, and denied any wrongdoing. 😉 Heh. (in my defense, he did something that warranted a kick in the face)

18. I store emergency knitting. Like, in case I ever get stranded in my jeep, there is half a sock in the glove box so I’ll have something to do while waiting on rescue.

19. I am a pretty darn good horseback rider

20. I can knit and read a book at the same time.

21. I spent $8 on my senior prom dress… but almost $80 on the shoes to go with it. And yes, I still have the shoes and the dress. This dress was short, black, with lots of rainbow sparkles, and the shoes were silver stilettos with hologram rainbow straps. Yea baby…

22.I am a pretty happy drunk, except on red wine. Then I turn into a mean drunk. I once hit a guy on the head with an empty bottle of cheap Merlot in college. I stand by the fact that he deserved it. (for reference, this guy also stood on his porch and peed into a girls convertible). But yea.. mean drunk on wine. Which is why I don’t get drunk on wine anymore.

23. I’ve been on the DIY network 3 times. Twice for crochet, once for knitting.

24. When Dan and I were dating, I bought him a baby llama for Valentines Day. He told me I was really weird.

25. I would give almost anything to move to a big farm in Montana.