I never did get my bout day recap posted, and I told myself that I’m not allowed to blog about our awesome Thanksgiving, or the cool happenings at the shop, or the pattern I sold to Knit Picks, or any of that great stuff, until I post my bout recap.

I started off the day the same way I start every bout day, working! Got up at 5am, in the shop, and once we opened the doors… BAM! Busiest Saturday morning we’ve seen in a long time. It was a struggle to get out of there, and I felt guilty leaving everyone in the middle of a rush, but I had to do it so I could get to the venue on time.
Fin picked me up at my house, and we rushed to the Coliseum since we were on track set up duty. Seriously, setting up a sport court is a giant pain in the ass, especially the first time you do it! There was a bit of “wait, stop, undo this section, scoot the whole floor 3″ that way.. etc, etc”. But thanks to Miso and Mr. Crazy, it all got done. Without those two we would have been screwed!
The bout itself was more intense than the score dictated. Our Belles simply dominated then crushed the Bleeding Heartland B team. Our defense owned their jammer, and Bloomington simply didn’t have the offensive strategy to combat it.
Right before our bout, Touretta Lynn loaned me a tank top by Adidas, called the TechFit Power Web. During our warm up I was totally digging it. It was great for holding the “girls” in place, and I like having a tight fit under my uniform. It almost forces your back straight, and your ribs to hold in position. I was really excited to see if I noticed it during the bout.
First jam, and I was part of the starting line up. For the first time ever! The plan was to start off blocking, then move to jammer. From the get go, we dominated their jammer. The Bloomington girls would actually try for offensive plays, but instead of coming in close and trying to knock us out of the way, they would pull back, try and gain ground, and go in for big massive hits. Which, unfortunately for them, were incredibly easy to read. So we would dodge the hit, they would end up on the inside of the track, and we would rotate right back in front of their jammer!
Each jam felt intense, and even though I knew that we were pulling way ahead score wise, it never felt like we were blowing them out of the water. Each and every jam was a hard fight. Towards the very end of the second period, I had a skate tangle and went down on my bad knee at a bad angle. It hurt, but I figured I could skate it off. Got up, and my leg wouldn’t respond. I tried to push off, and it just wobbled under me. Managed to catch back up to the pack, since I didn’t want to call the jam for injury when our girl was in the lead and their jammer was contained. I had a feeling that my crappy knee had screwed my chances of jamming for the night.
Back in the locker room, I had to take the tank off. While I liked the feel of it, and it seemed to help with my breathing (odd as that sounds) it was clearly designed for a man, or a girl with no hips. It kept rolling up on me during game play, which was way too distracting to deal with.
Second period I managed to go back out, despite my jacked knee, but as I feared, I was in no shape to jam.
We won the bout, score ended with us in the 120’s and Bleeding Heartland in the 30’s. They played a good game. Only one thing got really weird. When the pivot lines up, and puts her toe on the line, everyone has to line up behind her hips. Bloomington seemed to be under the impression that if there pivot was in the box, or didn’t line up at the front, they could line up on the line as well. The ref caught them and called them on it a few times, and I’m sure it added up to a lot of unnecessary minors for them.
After party was great as always. I got drunk way to fast, we danced the Thriller, made a pyramid.. it was all good 😉
Dec. 5th is going to be one of the hardest bouts for this season. Us vs. Burning River Roller Girls. I’m really, really looking forward to this one!