A highly condensed version of the weekend..

With more to follow, along with all my pictures later, I promise.

But in short:

Got up.
Met girls for pre-bout lunch.
Went to fairgrounds.
Pulled muscle in my side.. BAD. Gah.
Played bout. Kicked ass. Could only block and not jam due to my super craptastic knee.
We won. Whistle blew, girls fell down, opposing team appeared to take a kick at my girl Sweet C’s face. Fists began to flail. Half the bench, (myself included, since I am a sucker for a good fight) lept up and ran onto the track fists clenched.
Refs and coaches very quickly stepped between us and them, and averted end of season disaster.
Went to afterparty, drank, danced with opposing team, and all was well. Ahhh, derby.

Woke up and hurt. Bad.
Looked at knee. Hmmm. Appeared that I was attempting to smuggle very large egg under the skin of my knee, next to and a little below my knee cap. Um ow.
Woke up today, and it appears that I am merely trying to smuggle a golf ball under skin. Much improvement. Took pictures, once again will post later.

Cast on for some knucks. Am determined to finish Christmas gifts for entire team this year. So I’m starting now…