A quick update…

I’ve been meaning to post this forever, but I was hoping to do it from Iceland, while shooting photos with Kyle Cassidy. However, our trip was delayed thanks to Covid. (Could you all PLEASE just wear your masks and do your part to help end this thing?)

BUT, our book has been picked up, and Kyle and I get to go to the land of Ice and Fire again to do the photos, interviews, and knitting adventures.

In the meantime, we’re working on some socially distant knitting activities, which I’ll be posting here in the coming weeks!

from :Fuse Literary

Joan of Dark and Kyle Cassidy Ink Deal for The Lopapeysa Sweater

Feb 21, 2020

“Rock star of knitting,” Joan of Dark, and award-winning photojournalist, Kyle Cassidy, sign a North American English deal with Rowman & Littlefield imprint Stackpole Books for THE LOPAPEYSA SWEATER, a 10-stop circumnavigation of Iceland’s 800-mile Ring Road in search of the country’s most iconic article of clothing. Along the way, Joan and Kyle interview a diverse cast including those producing Iceland’s unique and coveted type of wool, fishermen, grandmothers, members of parliament, famous metal bands, and others about their beloved “lopi.” Travel tips and knitting patterns accompany each adventure. Look for it in November of 2021.