A short bout of melancholy….

Perhaps it’s a silly thing to be so sad about, but the old man across the street from the shop died. For 6 years, I’ve looked out the windows and smiled when I’ve seen him and his little white poofy dog in the front yard. He let his dog out several times a day, and when the dog groomer moved into the strip with us, the old man started taking his dog to get groomed there.
We only talked to him once. He was in the front yard, it was a little slow at the shop, and we saw a boxer bound up to the old mans dog and tackle it. The boxer wasn’t trying to hurt the dog, but the old man got scared. So Dan and one of our friends ran across the street, made sure that he was okay, collected the boxer and called the number on it’s dog tags.
Last week I noticed that I hadn’t seen him out, then I started seeing strange cars pulled up in front of the house. Then Greg the groomer came in all upset. The old mans family had brought the dog in, and asked Greg to bathe and clip him to go see the old man one last time, as he wasn’t doing well and they didn’t think he would make it through the night. He died a few hours after seeing his dog.
I shouldn’t be so upset. I didn’t know him, didn’t talk to him, but he made me smile every day with how much he doted on his little dog, and I’m sad I won’t get to see them from inside the coffee shop anymore.