A very brief update…

Until Dill gets done with his meeting, and can find the camera cord for me. I have pictures to update, but I must delete the nekkid ones from the bus.
So here is the update:
My family rules. They got me a kindle as an early birthday present! It is everything I thought it would be.. but in a much smaller package! The most amazing, useful, piece of tech I’ve ever owned.
I have to move the horse and llama, and found the perfect barn. Now I just need a trailer…
I dyed the craziest yarn ever, and turned it into a felted clutch.
Dill got a rubber chicken tattooed on his finger. For real. And he took his mom with him when he did it!
My hair is bright, bright pink!
There is a small amount of drama going on. People being shady. But fear not, it only causes the giggles from me.
Training has stepped up, and I’m currently covered in bruises, from my hip bones, forearms, and down to my hands. They look awful.
Okay, that is it! I’ll do a picture post later today. Send mental thoughts for Dill to finish up! I have actual knitting to post dangit!