A year with the Kindle.

So I’ve had my Kindle for about a year now (give or take), and I’ve got some thoughts.
The short version, it was a worthwhile purchase. I am never without a book, I can take it anywhere, and if I’m bored in a waiting room or long line, I can download a book in seconds and start reading.
Now the longer version:

I purchased the Kindle for a few reasons. Mainly, I have no more room for books. I’m not one of those people that buys a book, then sells it back to a used bookstore. I reread favorite books, and even the ones that I don’t like I tend to hang onto.
The other reason is that I’m a fast reader. When we travel for derby, I can bring three books along and read them all on the bus ride to whatever state we’re playing. I read constantly, and my purse is filled with knitting as it is! Big giant books aren’t easy to carry around everywhere.
It’s also great for reading those books that are “guilty pleasures”. Why yes I am reading the latest in the Teen Vampire Academy books! Though no one needs to know when you’re on your Kindle!
The final reason is my lack of shopping time. Sure I can order books online, but I want instant gratification. Going to work at 5am, and getting off work at 830pm, does not make it easy for bookstore browsing.
Hence the Kindle. Buy books quickly, easy to carry, tons of storage.
Overall, I think it’s wonderful. The downsides? It feels like every time I hear about a book I want to read, it’s not available on Kindle. The Kindle search doesn’t tell you, yes, this is a real book, but sorry, you can’t get it on Kindle. It just doesn’t show up, making me think, did I type the name wrong? Did I do something incorrect on my search?
The free books are great, sometimes you get Sherlock Holmes, or the beginning of a series that totally sucks you in and makes you buy the whole series. (The, My Soul to Take/My Soul to Lose purchases were caused by a freebie download from the publisher) However, there needs to be a warning on those dang fundie romance novels. You’re reading a book, the plot is kind of thin, but, okay. It’s free right? Then you get to, what in a normal book, would be a pretty hot steamy make out/sex scene. But in a fundie romance, they replace that sex scene with the main characters praying.
Um. Right.
Problem is, once I start reading a book, I almost always finish it. No matter what. Fundie romances need warnings on the cover. I’ve started checking reviews and writing down which publishers put these things out, so I don’t accidentally download.
*Note, I’m not knocking on religion, just lazy writing. This goes for the free books that turn out to be nothing but sex. Not interested in authors that overcompensate for lack of character development by um, overcompensating their characters.
Other problem, I miss books. I love, love, love the smell and feel of a new book. I may lament about my overcrowded shelves, but secretly I enjoy it. I like browsing my mini library in the living room for something to read. When I first saw the movie “My Fair Lady” I wanted to watch it over and over again, just to see the library. I teared up in Beauty and the Beast. Not at the end scene where the beast becomes a handsome prince, but the scene where he gives her the library. I believe you can never, ever, ever have too many books.
In reality however, I DO have too many books. I simply can’t buy every single book that I want to read, or we would have no room to live in our home. I have every shelf filled, boxes in the back room filled, boxes in the garage filled… I could line every wall in my house with shelves and fill them up in less than a month.
The Kindle is keeping that at bay. Though I will admit to buying books that I loved reading on Kindle. I like having the digital copy, but when it’s really good, I simply have to have a hard copy as well.

So is the Kindle saving me money? A little bit, but I’m probably still buying way too many books.
Is the Kindle making my life easier? Heck yes. Easy to download and easy to carry around.
Overall, a worthwhile purchase. Just don’t buy one expecting that you will no longer buy hard copies of books! Because I’m sorry, no e-reader will ever replace a the paper cut giving, hard to lug around, easy to dog ear, honest to goodness book!