About the bout…

Saturday night it was the Green Country Roller Girls vs. the Naptown Roller Girls. Our season opener was a big disappointment for us. Not because we lost really, we just weren’t playing like a team anymore. It was a big wake up call. I know personally, I was sort of just… going through the motions at practice. I showed up, I skated, and during speed drills I tried not to be last, and I did all the workouts, sure, but I wasn’t putting the most effort into it. A couple months ago everything changed. A switch went off in me, and as a team, a fire got lit under our collective asses.
I know personally, I quit trying to “not be last” and started trying to be first. My whole attitude changed. Physically, I started throwing myself back into this sport with every single ounce of energy that I have. Physically it’s showing. I’ve lost weight (6 pounds since the St. Louis bout alone), I feel better, more energetic, and I’m once again feeling the electric current that runs through this team.
We had a few hiccups Saturday. Touretta Lynn was sick, so she wouldn’t be able to skate as much as normal. Heck, we weren’t sure if she would be skating at all! Our practice felt and looked kind of lackluster, which was worrisome.
We waited in the locker room while the Oklahoma team had their practice time. (each teams practice is closed from the other team)I opted to go old school with my uniform. I went from the shorts I’ve been favoring this season, to my lucky skirt and fishnets. The fishnets are worn out, stretched out, and ripped from 2 previous seasons of derby. The skirt is pleated, and shows way too much of my booty for my comfort. But I figured every little of bit of luck would help!
Game time came, and for the first time ever we watched the other teams warm up. They looked intimidating. They were together, and had some great skaters on their team. I was starting to feel jittery at this point.
Everything felt like a blur after that. Our warm up was great, and felt good. The game started, and we started racking up the points right away. QUICK EDIT: I almost forgot, when the first whistle blew.. *BAM*! Sweet C knocked a blocker inside the track! It was a fantastic moment. (for us, not her) I got some blocking time in, then Rick pulled me in. I figured he was just giving me a couple of jams to breathe, then I would be back in to block. From behind his back, he tossed the jammer panty (helmet cover for those who don’t know) to me. “oh god”. I hadn’t jammed in practice in the past month at all, and during the last bout when I jammed, I didn’t have any time to think about it!
Ace was up before me, and she got sent to the box for a track cut. She went back in, and another track cut was called on her. Then it was me.
I lined up, totally, and utterly terrified. I was just trying to breathe. Second whistle went off, and I hit the pack. Found my hole, took it, and got lead jammer. Threw some horns to the fan club on my way by. Second pass, I got hung up in the back for a second. Passed one opposing player, and my girls, seeing me, absolutely swallowed the opposing team, and took them to the outside, leaving me nothing but a safe line of red on my outside, as I took the inside line. The other jammer was through, so I called it off before she could score.
Hell yes.
Went back to blocking for the rest of the period. We were a total unit in this bout. We were signaling our plays, adapting, moving like a unit… it was amazing!
Like I said, Green Country had some good skaters. Short Circuit was a really pesky skater. She was hard to block, and I was surprised they didn’t jam her more. They also had a pivot, whose name I can’t figure out from the pictures, but I think her number was 50A. Another amazing skater, and once again, would have made a great jammer, based on her blocking skills.
Rosie the Wrecker was the jammer they used all night. She would jam 2 or more times in a row! I’m not sure what the strategy was on that. Don’t get me wrong, she was a great skater, and put the majority of their points on the board, but she was worn out. Plus, we figured out the majority of her moves. So once we knew those, we could block her! Had they mixed the jammers up more, all skill sets aside, it would have thrown us off, made us think on our feet more. She had some major skill though. Trying to hit her to the outside, and force a track cut was pretty hard. She would push back really hard, and pop her right foot up in the nick of time, fall back, and cut inside. Luckily, one of our blockers had usually rotated in to block her.
The second half I jammed again. I didn’t get lead jammer, must have fouled on my first pass. I was fortunate though. My blockers held the other jammer until I made my second pass. Grand slammed, she got through, and was forced to call it off before I scored more points.
I was going to jam a third time, but I had 3 minors. One more, and I would end up in the box. And a jammer in the box is a VERY BAD THING! So I went in to block and get my 4th minor. Unfortunately, CK also needed to foul out. I told her to go first, since we had Ace on the line for us. I knew she wouldn’t need as much help. Then when I went to foul out, I decided to do it from in the pack, instead of just stepping over the line. We only had 5 minutes left in the game, and I figured I would do some good out there. I tried cutting the track, didn’t get called. Over and over and over again! What the heck! As many times as we get track cutting called, how do I not get it when I’m TRYING for it! Gah!
Whatever! Game ended with Jane scoring multiple grand slams. Final score was 160 to 36. Much crying and hugging from our bench.

The after party will be another post. Can I just say, God bless DJ Sarah Vain for only giggling a little bit when I requested something from the Labrynth Soundtrack. And then actually PLAYING IT! Too much fun!

Pics from the bout below are from Marc. His page is here: