Amanda Palmer at Strange Brew Coffee in Indy?

Oh HELL YES! As many of you know, Amanda recently set up this Kickstarter for her new album. One of cool things you can get with your pledge? A private house party! Some ladies in Indy started kicking up some funds, booked it, and now it’s happening at Strange Brew Coffee!

Right now there are less than 30 spots available. The minimum kick in is $80. Is that expensive for a concert??? Yes, it is. But this isn’t really a concert. There will only be 50 people, so for you old timer Indy music scenesters, that’s less people than we used to cram into Smedley’s Dream ! Not to mention that the girl who fronted the cash is going to take a loss on it. So when you look at it as an intimate party with Amanda F. Palmer, $80 is a hell of a deal!

Hell, I bought a ticket and it’s happening at my coffee shop! I’m excited that something this amazing is coming to Indy, and I hope to make some new friends that night! Check out the event, buy a ticket, and enjoy what is sure to be an amazing experience!