OH Tax time…

How I hate it…
Seriously, I will be so ready to be done with taxes. And I will also make my yearly vow to be more organized with my receipts! I’ve got all the shop stuff to go through, plus our personal, plus the book stuff. Ugh.
I got to pick all of the photos out for Knock Down Knits. Totally fun and exciting! So everything is done on that end. Now I’m waiting for some other edit to come back, then in April the author review, then it goes to press for release in July! Then roller derby knitters all over the world will take up their sticks and knit some of the patterns! Right???
In personal knitting news, I cast on for the Quidditch socks in Charmed Knits. I couldn’t knit them in the pretty blue and silver of Ravenclaw, since none of the yarn stores around have a great collection of Jawoll, and I didn’t feel like dealing with a substitution. So they’re going to be in kind of sort of Gryffindor colors.
I’ll post pics of my progress so far, which isn’t much. I did a figure 8 cast on for the first time. Very odd. I feel like it leaves little holes in the toes. We’ll see how it turns out. I am not an expert sock knitter like miss Beth, but I really want to get good at them. They’re so fun to knit!

I am moving to Baltimore

So I can witness this crazy shit firsthand…


You know, I grew up around gamer geeks. I am a huge sci fi geek. I used to go to sci fi cons all the time as a kid. As a teen, I thought it was a great place to meet boys. This caused endless problems in Jr. High.

Anyway, even though the people in that movie may be a bit… extreme. You gotta just love people that embrace their inner geek, and don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about that. That is cool.
So geek is the new cool. So sayeth Joan.

While the parents are away…

The kitties will party…

I went to the pet store, and bought a giant, almost 1/2 pound bag of catnip for some cat toys that I’m knitting. I thought it would be cute to stuff them with catnip!

Heh. I left said catnip on my desk on accident, and came home to this:

That is Lenore. Lenore is high as a kite in this picture. She is rolling in catnip, that the kitties dragged over to the couch, opened up the bag, and proceeded to frolic in the stuff, grinding it deep into the fibers of my couch. I will attempt a steam clean, but I’m guessing that this stuff will get the kitties high for years to come.

She was too high to even realize that she was in any kind of trouble. The other cats are smart. The booked it once the door opened and they saw my face. I know they were thinking, “Scram! Let the cute one take the fall”!

Here is a close up of her fur covered in the kitty weed

And this is her about five minutes later as she started to “come down”

Silly cats. At least now I don’t need to knit cat toys. They can just sniff the couch for the next five years.