Babies and blahs…

I spent all day yesterday looking out at the bright sunshine and sunny skies. We put our outdoor tables out, opened up the doors to the shop and dreamed of getting off work at 4pm to go “play”. Callie came over after work, we laced up our skates and hit the street, while the boys took our combined herd of dogs (all 5 of them between us) and went walking. We made it about 2 laps around the neighborhood before the rain started.
In better news, one of our customers is adopting from Ethiopia. That is one of our “top choice” countries, but not many agencies are working with them, since it’s such a new program. This customer though, gave me the name of the agency around here that does, so we’ll hit the informational meeting!
It feels like their are so many agencies to choose from, but finding the right one can feel a bit impossible. The first one I went to seemed nice, but I just didn’t feel a “fit”. It was very formal, they spent most of the time talking about domestic infant adoption, and while I was open to their “plan three”which was for a domestic african american infant, they only did open adoption. I’m sorry that I’m not modern, or hip enough for that. But listening to some of the stories from parents that had adopted with the open adoption, I know it’s just not something I’m comfortable with. There was one family that had the birth mother come to the kids first two birthday parties. Understand that I’m not knocking this in any way. I think it’s absolutely a wonderful thing, if that is what you’re comfortable with. I just know that I am not, so I shouldn’t get involved with a program like that, just because I want a child so badly. If it takes me longer to go another route, than that is just what will happen!