Because I can’t do anything halfway.

I’m not a halfway kind of girl. When I decided to start running, I ran 5 miles the first day. I ran on a swollen ankle when I shouldn’t have. (I couldn’t walk without an extreme limp, but I could run!) I signed myself and my reluctant husband up for races that involved obstacle courses and zombies chasing us. When I exercise, I go for the extreme.

Which is why, when looking for a new workout, I discovered Aerial Silks. And as soon as I realized there was a center about an hour away from me where I could learn aerial silks, I signed up for 6 weeks of classes.

I talked a couple girlfriends into venturing into this madness with me and we spent our first night climbing up and down two silk ribbons, learning how to lock our foot, princess sit, and do a few other poses with the aid of a “back pack” which is really a safety knot for beginners.

As you can see, height was not really going to happen at first!

The morning after that first workshop felt like early roller derby days with Naptown. I couldn’t even lift my arms above my head without pain!

The second week we worked more on our climbs, then learned some new tricks, still with the backpack keeping us from plummeting two feet to the floor!

The expression that Ploi has on her face captures how we all felt about the backpack. It makes the silks so tight that they cut into your thighs and it’s nothing but painful. We all asked if we would be ready to try it without the backpack our next week.

Our next session introduced me to my great nemesis: the footlock. Sure I can do one on the ground, but have me hold myself up by my arms trying to twist my feet around to knot one foot in securely??? My head went stupid. I kept twisting the wrong way over and over again, then my arms would get too tired and I’d have to slide back to the floor. Everyone else in my group nailed the sucker the first time! I was the absolute WORST!

However at this point I started doing what I always do… I got obsessed. I wanted to get an outdoor rig for silks, but the $2,000+ price tag stayed my hand. Instead I’m ordering an indoor rig and we’re removing a fan from our ceiling to make room for it. I won’t be able to get high, but I can still practice and workout at home.

I finally got the fracking footlock down last night by the way. It was honestly the end of class, clock ticking down, and my brain and my feet finally started communicating.

One of the instructors also approached us about training to perform by.. get this.. APRIL. Granted we’d be doing the simple background stuff, nothing to high or scary, but still… APRIL. Being me, of course I said yes and have filled my schedule with extra sessions and workouts. Because before too long I want to be doing this:

If you think this looks like fun (and it is) google aerial silks and the name of your town. That’s how I found Flight Club in Bloomington!