Bee Pics!

Okay look. I know I was supposed to post this forever ago, when all of a sudden, my book deadline appeared! So I had to turn it in. Which was madness. Not to mention work, derby, etc, etc.

So here is a pic heavy post of bee keeping. Because of bee keeping day, Kerrie and Dill want to put bees in my backyard. Jane and I are insisting that if they get bees, we get chickens and put them in Jane’s backyard.

Featured in the pics, Jouni, Kerrie, Dill, myself, Jane Ire, and of course, The Fabulous Lorraine. (Featuring guest appearances from Cabal and Lola)

Kerrie and Dill both handled bees with their bare hands AND let the bees eat off their fingers. It was disturbing.

Then we took our frame of honey back and ATE ALL OF IT! (Okay, we ate some. We put the rest in jars)

We made dinner. It was a yummy mexican food feast!

I’ll post videos of bee adventures… sometime. They’re funny. Lots of people doing bee things, with me manning the camera going, “Oh my GODDDD!!! EEEP! BEEE! AH!”