Bella’s Arm Warmers (an actual knitting post)!

I know, I know! Actual knitting content on my knitting blog! What is this world coming to?
I wanted to make the mittens Bella wears in the Twilight movie, and the awesome Subliminal Rabbit created the pattern! And remember that lovely yarn I purchased at Mass Ave Knits “just because”? I got to put it to good use!
Now, since the Cascade 220 I used wasn’t as bulky as the yarn called for in the pattern, I had to mod the pattern a tiny bit to get them slouchy. I just did the cable repeats a few extra times, and cast on a couple extra stitches at the beginning.
Once I finished the first mitten, I realized… I didn’t want a mitten! It’s spring, I wouldn’t be able to wear it until winter… and I am an instant gratification kind of gal! So I ripped it back, and turned the mittens into arm warmers. I absolutely love them! The yarn is soft, and they’re perfect for these slightly chilly mornings!