Blanket progress…

It feels like I’ve barely made any progress at all on this sucker! Honestly, it’s a good night if I get 4 rows in, but then I had issues with illness, catering every day for the shop, working 15 hour days… it’s just been a mess.
Finally I hit row 50 Saturday night, so I celebrated with a picture!

So 50 down, 250 to go!!! (Unless it starts looking okay at around 200- 250 total rows, then I’m gonna leave it be).

We’re closing down the shop and taking the day OFF for Memorial Day, and despite our grand plans of going to a park, cooking out, having a party, etc, I sort of just want to sleep in, eat a giant breakfast, go for a run and KNIT! (Or crochet) all damn day.

It’s a pipe dream of course. We work 7 days a week so when we eventually get a day off for a holiday we tend to cram it with trying to do ALL THE THINGS and really take advantage of it.

Hopefully more blanket progress soon!