Booksigning at Barnes and Noble in Carmel.

Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Carmel I had my first ever book signing for Knockdown Knits. I was extremely nervous, since I am not usually one for speaking in public. Luckily, there was a lot of Q&A, which I find much easier to handle. It wasn’t a really large crowd, but it wasn’t as empty as I feared. Maybe 20 people sitting and standing around. *(Edit, I have been informed by Paul the Video guy and by Dan that it was closer to 30-40) We sold a nice stack of books too!
I was really, really flattered that people showed up. This whole book thing has been very nerve-wracking for me! I want the book to do well for several reasons. 1) I HATE failing at anything. 2) I love this project. I believed in this book, and I want other people to enjoy what I’ve tried to create for them. 3) I don’t want to let down the people that took a chance on me. My editor fought to have this book come to life, so many other people at Wiley worked really hard to make it look so good and come together so nicely, I’d really like for it to be a success for them!
*and I want to make another one. Apparently this is like childbirth. You forget the pain after the first one is a few months old, and start plotting for the second! This time though, I would like to show off some derby world domination. Drag leagues from all over the world into my madness! Bwahaha!

Here are some pics from the event.

They had this sign up at the front doors of the store! How crazy!

We went through over half of this stack! Not bad right???
Anthony at Barnes and Noble was really good about leading the Q&A and making me feel comfortable. (and directing us to the nearest strip-mall Irish Pub afterwards)

There is a guy in a light blue shirt in these pics, and I wish I had gotten a picture of his shirt! It said something like, “It takes balls to knit” and he was knitting what looked like a sock! He is officially awesome!!!

4Leaf Cleaver and her awesome new tattoo were at the front of the line!

Cleaver and “the girls” with her signed copy!

That’s about what was left. I saw a couple more sell before we took off, and I heard a few people were late for the signing and grabbed some copies that evening! So all in all, I think it went pretty well!

Also, if you head over to you can check out my podcast interview with Kelley!