Boring interchangeable needles post

Sorry. Not a fun post about trekking off to the woods in Wisconsin, or my fabulous horse and his incredible mane of hair, or my wacky coffee shop customers. This is a practical, informative, knitting needle post. Not nearly as much fun, but useful for those googling what the heck kind of interchangeable needles to buy!

The first interchangeable needles I ever bought were the Denise Boyle ones that can be found in any big box craft store. They look like this:

I would post a pic of my actual set, but they are tear stained, tangled, and the majority of them are probably in the garbage. It never failed that I would be knitting along on a project only to realize that the damn things had come unscrewed and my stitches were dropping. I would knit 2 stitches, tighten the needle, knit 2 stitches, tighten the needle. Very frustrating set.
Then I bought the Denise Interchangeable needle set.

LOVE these needles. They click and lock in, as opposed to screwing on. Never have fallen apart while knitting, great needles, but limited sizes. Not a huge fan of the plastic tips, but the fact that they don’t fall still makes them a good buy. My biggest problem with those is that I got into magic loop knitting and knitting two circular items at once. (The sleeves of a sweater, or arm warmers for example) The cable on these needles is so thick, it’s impossible to do any sort of magic loop knitting.

Then Knit Picks had a sale on these:

Options Interchangeable Zephyr Acrylic Circular Knitting Needle Set from – Clear knitting needles with needle case

Options acrylic needles:

Super flexible cables. They do screw in, however after several weeks of knitting with them I haven’t had one come loose on me. The only downside with these needles is I wish I had just sprung for the wooden or metal ones. I’m not a huge fan of the acrylic tips on these guys. For the price I paid, I’m fine with it. But I’m going to save up for another set. The nice thing about these is I can use the same cables on the wooden or metal tips they sell!

So, if you’re into magic loop knitting, or large circular items, the knit picks interchangeable needles are the way to go. They also have an option to try all three tips:

I recommend that if you’re unsure.

Right. Super boring informative post DONE! Next time I’ll blog about the wine tasting we went on which ended in doing surgery on a stupid frog that swallowed a plastic plant. (Don’t fear, he’s still alive) Not that we WANTED to do surgery on the frog. But if we didn’t, he would have died. But again, that’s another post!