Burning down the… small oven!!!

Heh. So… the past two weeks have been just nutty here at the shop. We’ve been catering like mad. Hospitals, schools, etc. On top of that, I’ve got four patterns that are getting ready to be released, two to a book, two to a website. Silver in the City needs to be restocked, commissions need completion, an ungodly amount of knitting is sitting on my desk, staring at me. So I’ve been knitting, which leaves very little time for actually feeding myself. The good news, my total weight loss is now over 40lbs! The bad news, I’m hungry and need to eat more!
Yesterday I promised myself I would take a lunch break. No matter how busy the shop got, no matter how much work needed to be done, I was going to take 10 minutes and eat a freaking sandwich. Lattes were no longer going to equal food!
First Dill ate a bagel and I thought…mmm… bagel. When he made his bagel, he raised the tray on our little convection oven in the kitchen all the way up. Obviously, lowering said tray would be way to much work for a busy girl like me right??? Besides, what could happen? So I take some all wheat healthy bread, and covered it with pepper jack cheese (YAY!) and stuck it in that oven. Then I sat down.
Then I thought, “huh, it smells smokey” then I thought, “crap! I was supposed to turn in this pdf half an hour ago”!
So I did that.
Then I remembered the smokey smell. Popped into the kitchen and… my bread was on fire! Not burned. ON FIRE! I blew it out, and it caught on fire again. I thought briefly about grabbing the fire extinguisher, but really, it was just a little fire, and I didn’t want to cause a panic in the cafe! Grabbed a towel, grabbed my bread blew it out again (and it stayed out) and ran it out the back door!
All was good. As far as fires go, it was a little one. But it was definitely a tribute to my exhaustion this week!

I ended up eating a totally non cooked peanut butter sandwich!