But I love you BOTH!

Saturday I went to see my friend Sockems Razor, who is yet another girl friend that I have dragged into roller derby. It seemed like a perfect fit. She’s you know, a GIRL, and there’s you know.. DERBY. So Roller Derby Girl!
Actually she loves it. So she tells me. She’s just started playing for the Bleeding Heartland Code Blue Assassins.
She had a great game, and she’s got great potential as a roller girl. Which makes me happy. It would have sucked to talk my friend into doing this sport and have it not work right? Luckily, she’s good.
The team she was playing was Demolition City from Evansville Indiana. I love Demo City. They are sweet freaking girls, and they have a few really talented girls on their team. Also they have Shelby N. Pain. In hot pants. I know what you’re thinking. It’s roller derby! There are lots of girls in hot pants! But you’re only saying that if you’ve never seen Shelby N. Pain in hot pants. It’s a beautiful sight.
But I digress.
It’s very hard to watch a team you love, bout against another team you love. Friends on both teams. Respect for both teams. Who the heck do you cheer for?
I had to settle for just rooting on whichever team was doing something good in each jam. Unless my friend was in that jam, then I was rooting 100% for her.
Demolition City ended up loosing both bouts. The B team was a really big point spread loss, the A game was much closer.
I ended up cornering some of the Demo City girls in the bathroom and giving them some pointers for their next game. Because the mistakes I saw them make could be SO EASILY fixed, and they wouldn’t have lost. But then of course, my friends team would have.
It’s a hard thing to do. I’ve almost always had a very clear idea of who I was rooting for in a derby bout. This was my first experience being kind of lost as to who I was cheering for.

Regardless, both teams did a great job. If you get a chance to see Bloomington, do it. They’ve come a really, really long way this year. Some of their jammers are just an absolute joy to watch. They are leaping through the air more than they actually have their skates on the ground!
Demo City just needs to deepen their jammer bench, and work on their pack communication. I see a good rematch in the future! And of course, I will still have no freaking idea who to root for. I may just settle for watching Shelby N. Pain in her hot pants.