Bwahaaha! Justice begins!

Friday afternoon I got a happy phone call! The thief was caught breaking into a house in a nearby county! Then on Monday, a worker at the skating rink who had seen the guy, positively id’d him in a line up! So now we have a case!
Right now he’s in Juvie lockup in my county (the county he was arrested in does not have a juvenile facility) and he will get charged for the break in. Then he’ll get charged in my case.

To answer someone’s earlier question about the phone call, no, it couldn’t be traced. I told the detective about it, but if someone is calling you, threatening you, etc, you have to file a report, then go to the phone company and they can put a trace on your incoming calls.

I know that my stuff is long gone, but at least he is in jail right now, and at least I will be able to press charges. So that is something.

I really need to get a new camera. I miss having one. I loved my Elph a LOT, so the smart thing is for me to get another one of those. But I’ve been looking at the Nikon CoolPix as well. Anyone have any experience with those at all?