Circle City Socialites, Handicraft, Etsy, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult!

I haven’t had a lot of time to post obviously, so this one could get kind of long! A couple weeks ago, a bunch of us NRG’s headed over to Ellenberger Skate Park for the Circle City Socialites debut bout. The Socialites are more of a rec/fun league for girls that can’t make the commitment to Naptown. We have a pretty strict 50% attendance policy, which apparently made it impossible for some girls to commit to our league. So they started up one on their own.
I was pretty excited to actually get to go WATCH a bout for once! They sold out the skate rink, with what looked like at least 200 people in attendance. Way to go girls!

Here’s Dill and I at the bout.

They didn’t bout another team, choosing instead to split up into Green Team vs. Black Team. I always have trouble with that, since I never know who to root for!

I was really, really looking forward to seeing my girl Peyton Slamming skate, but she wasn’t able to bout that night. Boo! I’ll have to go back just to see her on skates though! She’s a fun gal!

Their pack was really good at staying together, and the pack speed was really slow, which made it pretty easy for the crowd to tell what was happening. I saw one VERY shocking ref call, right in front of us. A girl went down, stuck her leg out and tripped an opposing player. She put her hand up to her mouth, screeched, “I’m SO SORRY” and looked distraught. She then looked at the ref, expecting to be called out, when the ref pointed to the OTHER girl, the girl that got tripped, and called her out for pushing from behind. You know, when she fell on TOP of the other other girl. Aaarrrghhh! C’mon REFS!
That was pretty fun though, since we got to boo at the ref with no fear of an insubordination call!

There was one skater that reminded me a bit of Blazin Ace from the early derby days. She grew up on skates, was pretty fast, and would just shoot around the outside of the pack, wearing some sort of invisibility cloak or something, because no one even glanced at her! Her name was Fly, causing our friend Paul to scream, over and over, “Fly you are ON that shit”!

My ONLY complaint about the bout was that the teams seemed to be unevenly matched. I think the final score was 100 and something to 40 or 50 in favor of the Green Team. I don’t know if a couple skaters on one team got a case of the nerves, while the skaters on the other team got a case of the awesomes, or if they just split the skill level up in favor of the Green Team. I would have to guess that it was unintentional though.

Also, in total crazy news… this woman came up to me at half time with a copy of my book asking for an autograph! How she knew I was going to be there.. or if she just happened to carry it with her that night.. who knows? But it was totally cool!

This past week was our busy week! Monday we had a catering job at a downtown bank. It went smoothly, but was a very early morning coupled with a very long night for us! Then Thursday we went to Talbot Street Bar to see My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Naptown girls were there supporting, and Dill and Brownie Her0 were the MC’s for the night.

First off, Talbot Street = AWESOME bar! It’s clean, the bathrooms are nice (though very small) and there is a kick ass VIP lounge that we got to partake in.
I was excited to see Thrill Kill Kult, since I was a HUGE fan back in high school, when I was too young to go to their shows. (as the bouncer at the Vouge was very kind to tell me as he booted me out the back door in ’96)
I bounced around all week, and when they finally took the stage I scurried up close, while still managing to maintain a wide berth for dancing! Alas… I should have gotten a fake ID in ’96. The show was okay, but they were just… there. No interaction, no excitement from the members… and I would bet money that the vocals weren’t live. Plus they just seemed pissed to be there, like, “omg.. how dare you people pay money and cheer for us and… ugh! it sucks to be onstage for you.. blah blah blah”
Still though, I danced my little but off until the very end. Jumped around and clapped like an idiot. It wasn’t a HORRIBLE show by any means, and I was there to have a good time, no matter what!

Dan and I got out of there around 1am, and headed home, landing our butts in bed around 230am. I was not pleased when the alarms went off at 4am for us to get to work! Luckily we weren’t working a full day, so we did get to go back to bed later on.

Then it was off to the Handicraft Exchange, where Naptown had a booth, as well as Aggressively Awesome Stitches. It was a lot of fun. I sold two sets of arm warmers in the first hour, and everyone at our booth did really well. We all made profit, so that was good. I had to resist the urge to blow all my money at the other booths. There was just so much cool stuff to check out! I did get a copy of Touretta Lynn’s new book, Roller Derby Art, and Dan got a cool robot painting. We also lined up some new artists for the shop this year, so that was exciting!
Here are some pics from the event:

-Matt and Kay were back in town for the night! I wish I had gotten a picture of her super cute preggers belly! It’s adorable!

Super cool robot painting. This guy is going to be at the shop for 2 mos.

Dan spent part of Sunday drawing. Sassy Burrito helped.

That’s it for now! Gearing up for our bout in Minnesota! Lots of training, scrimmaging, etc.