So it has taken me a bit to blog about the bout. I had to cool my head a bit, which resulted in a couple of deleted posts.
We lost, and it was a hard, hard loss for us. We made a lot of mistakes, and we played a team that had STUDIED us front to back. I’m talking videotaping our bouts for a year. They knew our moves, and our skaters front to back.
We started off strong, then lost focus. We didn’t answer the fact that their pivot took the front every time until the 3rd period. (When Touretta would just knock her on her ass as soon as the whistle blew) We left our jammers to fend for themselves, and instead focused all of our energy containing their jammer. Big mistake. We needed to make up points. Instead we let them get the early lead, then spent the rest of the game with 0-0 jams.
Unk, our jammer ref in the second period, for some reason kept throwing Ace out on majors when she was jamming. No idea why. Hopefully the video will answer that a little better.
One of their girls, Juwanna Hurt, got thrown out in the 3rd period. The whistle blew, the jam was over, new skaters were lining up, our jammer was heading back to the bench when WHAM! Juwanna nailed her into the crowd. (to a big chorus of BOOOO from our audience)
One of our girls, then whacked her on her helmet like a school marm saying, “no!” It was kind of funny actually.
The after party was great as always. I discovered that Locals Only makes a fab gin and tonic, danced as much as my wrenched knee would allow, and had a great time hanging out with my girls. The CRG girls were for the most part okay, though some of them didn’t leave it on the track. Hopefully our girls did, but I’m not sure since I didn’t witness anything first hand.

So boo. We lost. Now we train our asses off and get our shit together. We’ve got another bout on April 19th against Bruise City!