Crochet blanket… revealed!

So someone guessed it over on facebook… it’s an Escape From New York blanket! One of Dill’s favorite movies that he quotes from CONSTANTLY!
We got to meet and hang out with the director, John Carpenter and his wife, Sandy Carpenter during the LA Geek Knits photo shoot. (and HELLO, stay in their guest house!) I have to say, they are just the coolest people. Dill even managed to keep his cool, though he and Kyle did do a little “DUDE” when Sandy gave them halloween candy. (Because it was halloween candy from the creator of Halloween.. get it?)

When he requested this blanket, erm, two years ago, it got put on the back burner because of all the other projects I’ve been working on, so I’m glad to finally get a decent start on it!

I put a flip flop next to it so you can see just how big this sucker is! Hoping to finish it up soon, as next month I have some yarn coming in for some new design work, which means I’ll have to drop all my “fun” projects and get some new patterns published!