Derby Stitch And Bitch

Right after our newbies joined the league, I held a Stitch and Bitch at our house. Why have I not discussed this in over a month you ask?
Well you see, this Stitch and Bitch involved about 15 or more ladies crammed into my house, the boys kicked down the street to a bar called the Blind Pig, needles, yarn, Jason Statham movies and my famous Pomegranate Martinis and Strawberry Jam Surprise. My pictures of the event all kind of look like this:
Why did I take a picture of messy yarn on the floor? No idea. I also, somehow, managed to give knitting instructions to about 4 people at once, while knitting jammer hats myself, and working on what was probably my 5th or 6th drink… AND catcalling Jason Statham during Crank. (If you’ve seen Crank, you understand)
It was a great night though, and I can’t wait till the next one! The boys crashed our party around midnight, having survived their first experience at the Pig. I’m very excited that the bar is survivable, as it’s within walking distance from our house. It will be nice to go out for a beer without worrying about a driver.
I did get this pick of Farrah Foxhit and Josephine Boneapart:

Farrah was cross stitching and Josephine was making a sock kitty. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it because it was totally cute! Though I have to admit, I love that this picture just looks all kinds of wrong! What are you doing to that kitty Josephine???
Farrah is my derby “little sis”. This means that I help her out if she has questions, that sort of thing. Though I’m trying to convince her that it also means she has to carry my skate bag and wash my stinky pads… but I don’t think I have her convinced!
I can not express my love of our fresh meat enough! Though I guess they aren’t fresh meat anymore, as they have a brand new team name now! The Warning Belles! I love it! I love, love, hearing the JV coach go, “Belles over to this wall”! I think it compliments the Tornado Sirens really well. Some of them have been jumping in on scrimmages, and really working their butts off. We’re having a great time so far! I can’t wait until we get further into the season!

Speaking of practice space, I realize I haven’t shown a pic of our new spot yet!

Those are the benches that Rick made us! It was so touching when we walked in and saw those! It was not so touching when he flipped them over and had us do crunches on them! Or when he showed us the brand new calf raise benches he made us!
But he did make the bathroom twice as big, so everything else can be forgiven!

Finally, last but not least, my new gloves. Well, not MY new gloves as I’m going to sell them next month, but pretty gloves that I made. I’m fond of the lovely purple tones, and I’m going to be a teeny bit sad to see them go!

I need to weave in the ends… boo.