Derby Sunday

Sundaybwas all about the derby! I had practice with Naptown, as part of their new Rolling Thunder league. 

It was hard. 
I consider myself in pretty good shape. Last weekend I ran a half marathon. I work out every single day. But there’s nothing like derby to kick your ass and make you feel like a sack of goo! 
It’s extra frustrating when your brain remembers what you need to be doing but your body just doesn’t respond.
It was also VERY humbling when so many girls said they were honored and excited to skate with me! It’s so amazing that I’ve got a place in skaters hearts and in NRG’s history. 
Not to mention, naptown is very smart to add an additional league. It keeps people excited about derby, has the potential to feed the bigger league and utilizes the practice space. If your league is paying monthly rent for a warehouse, use it as much as possible! 
Afterwards, we spent all day watching playoffs. All of us. 
Starkey actually wasn’t in the house for long. He doesn’t like being inside when it’s nice out. Plus he was rooting for Arch Rival and the game was just getting too tense for him! 
I can’t wait for next Sunday with more skating and more scrimmaging!