Derby Tights

A while back, I went on a jeans rant.
Lately, I’ve been going on a tights rant. When I skate, I HAVE to wear tights. I used to not wear them. Then I fell on concrete. That lovely screeching sound of my skin sliding on the floor, then the equally lovely realization that some of my skin is no longer on my leg but still ON the floor.
So tights. No matter how hot I am, TIGHTS get worn.
Problem is, I sort of hate tights. I like them on my legs, but I hate how they go all the way up to my boobs. I’ve tried the hip hugger tights, but even when I manage to find them, all they do is give me a glorious muffin top that was NOT THERE BEFORE!

My solution lately has been to fold the tights over my manties (my derby shorts panties things) but inevitably they roll back up in the middle of a drill.

I was complaining about this to the girls, when Ima Hurchu said, “Cut the waistband off”.
Wait… what?

Was life really about to be that simple for me? Seriously?

Next practice I tried it. Cut the waistband off my tights. Holy. Hell. They fit amazing now! No muffin top, they stay up (but not up to my boobs thank you very much)they don’t unravel, I love it! Now, instead of hunting all over for the perfect pair of tights, I’m just cutting the tops off the ones I already have!

How I made it through 5 years of derby without realizing this I don’t know!

Cheers to comfy tights!