Did you say KNITTER?

Funny story from a friend, so pardon if I get some details wrong. Especially since, as all my good stories go, I had been drinking when I was told this…:

One of my photographer friends has an uncle who sold golf equipment. One of the side businesses of his company was knit notions. Stitch markers, row counters, etc. He and his partner would often meet for a drink after an event like TNNA or sales meetings. So they were sitting in a bar with another friend who was in town, who worked in a different field altogether.

As they’re talking the two sales guys start comparing notes on what knitters are buying, as this was in the early 2,000’s when knitting had just started picking up with a younger generation. They start talking about their different accounts, “Knitters on my west account are really into the smaller stuff.” “Oh yea, the knitters I’ve been dealing with aren’t buying counters at all! I don’t know what’s up!” “Oh yea, that’s been mostly the older knitters, younger knitters like the fancy markers better”.

While they’re talking, third friend gets more and more uncomfortable. Finally he hisses “Are you guys crazy??? You can’t say that stuff!!!!” Baffled, it takes them a few minutes to realize that he thought they were saying something other than “Knitters”.

Say it out loud, see if you get it.

On a side note, now when I’m singing along to songs like “Holy Grail” instead of just going quiet on… certain words… I’m going to say “Knitter knitter!”.