Dill getting crafty!

Years and years ago, when Dill and I bought our coffee shop, we didn’t have the money to do everything we wanted to do with it. Our main focus, at first, had to be of course, the COFFEE! We worked and worked to find the perfect roaster the perfect syrups, the perfect drinks, etc. Then we moved onto food. Building a little kitchen, planning a menu, etc. Then we hired,fired,hired, and trained employees. Fixing things that were part of the original build out, that were done… wrong. Plumbing, flooring, etc. Then we build up the catering portion of the coffee shop. All of that of course, increased our sales (YAY!) and has kept us very, very busy for the past few years. Now, finally, we’ve been getting to the aesthetics of the shop! We’ve changed some things. New couches, outdoor seating, paint, etc. But the tables and chairs… I’ve never been fond of. But how could we afford all new tables and chairs? We got a quote once. It was… high.
This is what our cafe chairs look like:

They’re okay.. but not right for our shop. Then, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to us sooner, we thought..”why don’t we just recover them”? I did it to my chairs at home, so why not here? So we’ve been out buying fabric, and recovering chairs. We’re doing a few at a time. One, we’re really busy, and can’t do that all at once and two, I don’t want the fabric to be all matching and boring. So we’re just grabbing cool fabric as we find it.
Dill attacked some chairs the other night. Here’s the first one he did:

This is the face he had most of the time he was doing the chairs…

And at first, I was not sold on this fabric. But now I really kind of love it! Retro western is cool now anyway right?

So four down so far… about 30 more to go!