Dismembered December in Evansville

I have notes upon notes for this bout, and I’ll do a detailed bout recap later. But for now, this will have to do.

The first bout was our Warning Belles against the Demolition City Roller Girls. Belles came out pretty strong in the beginning, started lagging at the end of the first period, and just let it slip more and more in the second period.
The reffing was okay. They weren’t calling when the jammer went out of bounds on the outside of the pack. That worked both for us and against us, so it was at least called evenly.
During one jam, Ivanna B. Naughty got called out for a foul. She serves her penalty, and when she came back out, stumbled, and fell. The ref called her out for “not falling small”. So back in the penalty box she goes. (for those of you who don’t know derby rules, no. That is not, by any freaking means, a rule) She came out a third time, got through the pack, a skater went down in front of her and stuck her leg out, tripping Ivanna. Ivanna fell on top of her and got called out AGAIN for pushing from behind. Because, you know, if you fall on top of someone, you are totally shoving them from behind. This may, or may not, have resulted in someone from our general area yelling things like, “Someone get 19 (the ref) a rule book”!!!
Having no jammer for three jams did not help the Belles situation.

We were then prepping for the next game, which would be the Belles against the Slay Belles. I got approached about going in as an alternate. Um, okay? I had brought my skates because I was technically an alternate, but I never thought it would actually happen! Whee! Thank goodness I didn’t drink that beer at lunch!!!!
We won that game. Something like 170 to 6? Heh. My first jam out I scored 18 points. (I was told that Roller Dex said it should have been 19 but it wasn’t worth arguing. I agree)
I got to knock down 2 jammers. Knocking down a jammer while I’m jamming is the most satisfying feeling in the world for me. Which means that I probably am a bitch.
Blue Messiah tied my 18 points in a single jam. Ace still holds the record for our league with 25.
Affirmative Smacktion had some amazing blocks, which made me so happy for her. She also had the best fan sign. Smacktions number is 40 acres, and Coco was in the stands holding up a sign that said, “I want my 40 acres”! We were dying laughing.

Like I said, more detailed bout recap later. I have a lot of praise for both DCRG and the Slay Belles, some injury reports (1 break, one girl taken out on a stretcher) and more!