Dixie in pictures…sorta..

So, after reviewing the pictures from Dixie… sorry! No way in heck am I posting the majority of those on here! Haha! So here is the watered down version of the Dixie pictures!

This was what our milk said! How cute is that???

This place was right next to our hotel. I have no idea what pokar de ases is supposed to mean, but it’s really funny!

Us in our locker room after the bout. The Dixie Derby Girls were kind enough to give us each little bottles of Southern Comfort in goodie bags!

Touretta got challenged in the parking lot of the bar to a random leg wrestling match. Which she happily agreed to, then kicked the other girls ass in about two seconds. It probably helps that Touretta tends to stay sober… 😉


This is what the hallway looked like to me after the after party. Why I needed photographic evidence of this.. I don’t know.

And that is it! Those are the only “safe” pics I can post. Ain’t life a bitch? 😉