Do you have room in your life for a horse?

These horses are going to slaughter THIS Saturday. Please help if you can! I’ve copied this from a facebook page, since the fb link doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

Attention! Please help!!!! Horses are going to slaughter on Saturday 2/5/11.

FREE to good home call 440-463-4288.

Dr. Stearns, DVM passed away & his son wants everything liquidated immediately, leftover horses that are not sold go to slaughter THIS Sat.

Currently of 52 horses there are still 23 mares some w babies on board, stud is 16.3 TB Stud Conley Key.

All FREE and papered. Call 440-463-42880, 57882 Wright Rd, Barnesville, OH

(This is all the info I have for now – please share this until I can update w/new info – call the number directly if you are serious about giving these animals a home!)

UPDATE: ALL the horses have been adopted! I now have the biggest smile on my face!