Easing stress, new hat, the news, and Neil Gaiman.

First, I need to ease the stress of an upcoming bout. The first bout of the season, with an almost brand new team, brand new uniforms, and stepping up a level in the teams we compete against.
So here is a picture of a cute kitty.

That’s Lenore. She has a weird purr, used to be feral, and therefore doesn’t meow (cat’s only meow to communicate with humans, fun fact of the day) and she likes to cuddle. Her favorite pastime used to be knocking skeins of yarn out of their little cubbyholes, so that she could sit in said cubbyhole. I decided that I did not like my skeins of nice yarn laying on the floor, so I bought little canvas drawers to go in the cubbyholes. Lenore decided to push the canvas drawer out of the cubbyhole, and then decided that the canvas drawer was much nicer than the cubbyhole, as it had lovely, soft cotton yarn in it.
I gave in, replaced the cotton with acrylic, and let her have it.

This morning we derby girls had to be up extra early, so that channel 13 could come and put us on their morning show! So Dill and I got up at 3:30, went through our morning routine of letting the dogs out, giving insulin shots and thyroid medicine to the critters, dropped him off at the shop, and headed to the practice space to promote the bout. It was fun, and as soon as we were done I had to rush back to work. Then I get to go BACK to the practice space tonight, and, well, practice! Whoohoo!

Another way I was de-stressing today… I made a hat! I had some leftover Cascade 220, in this pretty pink. The pattern is here

I like the way it came out. It’s like a cross between a beret and a snood. Really, really quick project too. I finished this in about half an hour!

Also, last Sunday night, I was surprised by a comment that said my blog had been found via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter. Huh? Checked out his twitter page, and yup! Neil Gaiman was on my blog! He said something like, “Only scoffers would deny the miracle” and linked to my Sandman on my pasta pot post!!!!
Um. Neil. Freaking. Gaiman.
On my blog. That’s like, almost direct contact! Via the interweb sure, but… Neil Gaiman! Aahhhh!
I’ve been reading his stuff since I was 15! I have one of his characters tattooed as a sleeve on my arm!
I am not ashamed to say that I ran around my house squealing, and would randomly wake up and go, “Neil Gaiman was on my blog”.
Thank goodness I didn’t meet him in person. I probably would have peed myself and fainted!