So I’ll admit it. I keep knitting in my purse. All. The. Time. I mean, I know I look like a crazy lady when I knit in line at the grocery, or bank, or while in movie theaters. But damnit. I don’t like non-productive down time. I have hats, scarves, socks, blankets and sweaters to turn from WIP’s to FO’s!
Anyway, I made the mistake of putting newly restarted Quidditch Socks on their super tiny, super slick, dpn needles into my purse. Walked around. Tossed the purse to the back of the jeep a few times. It got jostled around on last nights catering gig too. Anyway, open up the purse today… a TON of my stitches fell off my needles. ARGH!

So with that:

Knitting Circles Around Socks

2 At a Time Socks

Anyone have either of these books? Is one better than the other? I am over the dpn thing with socks. Way, way over it.

Also, if anyone is done with one of these books and would care to trade, I have some super awesome yarn that I would be willing to swap out!