Ernest Rugby Wilkinson Carr

Saturday morning, Ernie took a pretty bad turn. He was breathing kind of heavy. Took him to the vet, and it was decided that he should probably be put down. Dill was at work, so I decided to stick with our original plan of having it done at home. Of course, nothing could be done over the weekend, so I made arrangements for Monday.
One of the girls who works at the front counter came out and gave Ernie a big hug goodbye, and there were lots of sniffles.

We spent the day cuddling and sleeping together on the couch.

Saturday night was rough. Poor little guy was still breathing heavy, making it hard for him to sleep. Vega the cat, who has been his buddy for many years now, came up and spooned him, and that put him right to sleep.

Sunday was another rough day. Lots of tears, lots of cuddles and hanging out together. By Sunday night he went outside to go to the bathroom, and just laid down, then peed when I picked him up. We cleaned him off, and put him in bed with a towel in case he had an accident.

Once again, Vega came up for massive snuggles.

After about an hour, Ernie gasped a couple times, then passed away. I screamed and cried and kept telling him I was so, so sorry and that I loved him.

The majority of people in my life (husband included) have never known me without that little dog. He was the best. Despite the other animals in our house, I can’t tell you how freaking QUIET the house seems without him. I keep reaching out with my toes to scratch his head (his bed was right by my spot on the couch, and at night he slept by my feet).

So if you’re reading this with a drink in your hand, do me a favor. Raise your coffee, beer, or gin, and give a little toast to the best dog ever. If you’ve got a furry critter by your side, give them a snorgle. If your life feels a little empty since you have no critters, get to a shelter and adopt one. (remember Ernie, best dog ever, was literally on his last hours before I took him home)

I’ll leave you with pictures of Ernie, while I go take another cry into my coffee cup.