Fever with pictures…

The header has nothing to really do with this post. Just the title of an awesome song by a band called Fair Verona. One of the best bands that you have probably never, ever, heard of.


So for more detail on bout day. I can’t say anything without saying how AWESOME it was that my friend Candice flew in from her new home of Washington DC at the last minute to surprise everyone! She is good luck, and I knew that we would win when I saw her!
I got another happy surprise on bout day. My publisher, Wiley had made tee shirts for my books upcoming release. I knew they were overnighting them to me, but considering how early in the day I had to leave Saturday, I had little hope that they would actually arrive on time. So it was a treat, and bit weird, to open a big box at 11am Saturday morning and see this:
(fyi, click on any picture on my blog to enlarge)
That is my face on a shirt people! How weird is that???

We won the bout, which was just a great way to end the season. The Dixie Derby Girls were hard hitting and fast, but we took the lead early, and while we struggled a bit in the second period, we solidly tied it up in the third. They were fun though, and we had a great time with them at the after party.
Speaking of the after party, all the girls on the team got shirts, as well as fans who had caught some that the announcers tossed out. So everyone, myself included, had my face on their boobs!

That is Jen X, Kittiara, and Fin Addict.

That is me, kissing myself, on Diane Beatin’s boob. Weird huh?

Bunch of roller girls dancing. As much as you can call, drunk, stiff, and sore movement on the dance floor, “dancing”.

So the next day I woke up and my knee was just whacked. It was horrible, horrible, horrible. I managed to get a picture of what it looked like by Monday, after a lot of the swelling had gone down.
Now I know that in the pic, it just looks like a knobby knee. But see the big protruding bump? That is actually the tendon thingy BELOW my knee cap. Um. Ow. And that is after the majority of the swelling went down. It freaking hurts. And I am a whiney baby about it too. It starts out fine in the morning, just stiff, but after working 5a-9p… it’s just done.
Hopefully a few weeks off of derby and it’ll sort itself out!

In super happy news… look what Beth sent me!
Crochet hooks and dpn’s to replace my stolen ones! Thanks Beth! Now send me your damn addy so I can repay you in coffee and tea!

We survived all the flooding out here, though a bunch of our customers and friends suffered a lot of losses. We’re trying to narrow down a date for some kind of benefit to help out. So far we’ve just been handing out some freebie lattes and coffee to people working on drywall and such. It’s so sad. I know we didn’t get the flooding that Iowa and WI got, but seriously, it was pretty freaky out here. Everything around the coffee shop got wet, but we managed to stay dry. We were very, very lucky.

And now, to finish off my post. Dogs fighting.

Sure, you think it’s cute now. But imagine the typical growling and snarling of playing dogs. Now add in monkey noises. Because small dogs make monkey noises when they fight. Now imagine that going on all. night. long.

And you wonder why I get no sleep?

Oh, and quick side note, I just found out that I’m going to be interviewed by www.knitpicks.com for a podcast, and I’m going to have a Knock Down Knits book signing at Barnes and Noble in Carmel Indiana. Ack! So crazy!