Filler Post

Since I’m too lazy to actually pull my knitting and crochet pics off my camera, here’s a filler post.

I’ve been addicted to reading customers suck
(thanks Callie) and it reminded me of a witnessed suck/sweet revenge.

I’m in high school and hanging out with some friends at a Perkins on the North Side of town. Now, we were mildly annoying high school kids, but not the worst of the worst. We were loud, and we would sit for hours with nothing on our tab but coffee and muffins, be we would at least tip. Good tips too. If we spent $5, and the waitress was nice, we would each chip in at least $5 for a tip. So the waitresses liked us and gave us quick refills and bowls of whipped cream. (for the stoner kid)
Anyway, our favorite waitress was on duty one late afternoon, and she just looked wrecked. She mentioned that 2 people had called in, so she had been on shift since early morning, her kid had the flu, she had been covering almost the entire area, blah blah blah. This other group of kids came, and sat at a booth across from us. We saw them pull up, in a freaking brand new Volvo. Nice clothes, and they were totally ragging on us with our pink hair, blue lipstick (ugh, it was a phase, what can I say?) and fishnets.
We noticed they looked kind of “shifty”. The waitress gave them their bill, and as soon as she was on the other side of the room, the asshats took off without paying. The waitress went chasing after them as soon as she realized, but they were gone. Her chin starts wobbling as she whines to the hostess that she’s going to have to cover their tab. Then all of a sudden, her eyebrows go up, and she stalks over to the booth. Right there on the seat, was a wallet! Heh heh! Little rich dumbass had forgotten his wallet in his hurry to skip out on the bill! There was at least $150 in $10’s and $20’s in there, along with his drivers license, school id, and a card with emergency contacts. Including his home and dad’s work.
She hopped right on the phone. First to the cops, then to daddy.

So there is my story to entertain you while I ignore my full memory card.