The election is over! Dan and I tried to stay up late, but we fell asleep with the tv on. So we learned at 3am this morning that Obama will be President. And I still didn’t believe it for sure, because I remembered the whole damn Gore/Bush fiasco. I went to bed that night thinking Gore had won!
It also looks like Indiana has gone Dem. for the first time since 1964! By a very slim margin too. It’s nice to feel like your one vote counted, and it definitely did in this election!
I saw most of John McCains speech, and really respected it. He is a much more dignified loser than I am;) It’s not like I *hated* McCain and Palin anyway. It’s just that I don’t hold the same values that the republican party tends to hold. I believe in Equal rights for all people, black, white, gay, woman, etc. The republican party does not hold those same beliefs. It’s that simple for me.
Dan being a military guy is definitely more down the middle. He doesn’t make up his mind on who to vote for as quickly as I do.
Speaking of which… I was shocked, absolutely shocked that Prop 8 passed in California. I’m not gay, obviously, and I have no family members who are gay either. But I just can’t imagine looking someone in the face and telling them, “I don’t believe that you have the same rights as I do”. It just dumbfounds me that the majority of Californians do. So sad. Frankly, I think Las Vegas is way more of a threat to the sanctity of marriage than a gay couple!

But it’s over and done. I’m happy. I can get back to the important things in life, knitting and derby.