Fire inspectors vs. darwin

Look, I respect fire inspectors. But sometimes, i think they’re trying a little too hard to keep people alive. 

For instance:
On the coffee shops most recent fire inspection, we were told we had to remove the “employees only” sign from our office door. The sign that has been there for over three years mind you! The reason it now needs to be removed? Our office is also the exit into the back alley. So if you were a customer, and caught on fire, or terrorists were attacking the coffee shop, and the front door were blocked by more fire or said terrorists, you might be “confused” by that sign, hesitate, or god forbid, fail to exit the building, because you know you are not an employee.
Now, this is where I think evolution just needs to kick in. If you, or the building you are in, catches on fire, or if terrorists are attacking, and you let an “employees only” sign stop you, you kind of need to die.
It’s nothing personal. And it’s not that I think ALL stupid people need to die. Just in this case. If you are taking up on the planet, sucking up resources, and don’t escape a fire because an exit says employees only, you are taking up too much room.
Just sayin.