Five on Five

I’m in the new issue of FiveonFive magazine!
There is a quick Q&A and I whipped up a beginner wristband knitting pattern!

If you get a copy of the mag and look close, you can see my orange mac with the robot sticker in the background! (Well, it was supposed to be my mac. Yet somehow, I find myself typing away on a $400 Gateway laptop with a flickering screen while Dill plays with Garage Band…)
The pattern is painfully easy. Being a knitter is like being a drug dealer. You give the first one away, and make it fun. Then they come back for more. Pretty soon you have them sucked into fair isle, and hand spun, and soon, and $20 skeins of sock yarn! Bwahahaha! Hey, if my house is overflowing with yarn, it’s a problem. If EVERYONE has a house full of yarn, it’s trendy!