Geek Knits: Scalzi Edition

I believe that Kyle Cassidy is working on a blog post about the photos we did at Starbase Indy, so I’ll talk about what we did the day after.
We headed over to Ohio to photograph John Scalzi and his wife Krissy. I met John and Krissy over a year ago at a party at Neil Gaiman’s. Since then, Krissy, myself and our friend Kerrie have gotten into all sorts of mischief. They’re the only girls I know that I can call up, offer them beer and tequila and in exchange they will come peel wallpaper and paint a room.
When I told Krissy about Geek Knits she informed John that he was in fact, going to be in one of the photos.

We drove up and after Kerrie, Kyle, Krissy and myself went for a quick run in a beautiful park setting then got down to work!

See? We work.

Really, really hard work.

John and Krissy took us out to dinner (thanks guys!!!) along with their daughter Athena, who is very smart, very mature and now my mortal enemy for playing this song for me:

Can. Not. Remove. Earworm!

More and more to come! In the last couple months of book stuff and the pace is picking up!