Geek Knits Update: Corgi break!

Kyle Cassidy is here in Indiana finishing up a long weekend of photos. We dragged him out on Thanksgiving, fed him lots of potatoes and tofurkey, then shoved him in a very tiny room filled to the brim with many guitars.
Friday and Saturday we shot at Starbase Indy, then Sunday we went to the Scalzi compound. There was some downtime over the weekend however, which Willie the Corgi insisted we fill with playtime!
Kyle learned just how joyful a Corgi can look when he realizes you’re about to throw the Frisbee for him!

Kyle took these amazing photos of Willie. Much better than the photos I usually try and snag with my Iphone!

An actual blog post with actual information about geek knits to follow. In the meantime, I need to learn how to make an animated gif out of all the photos of Willie catching the flying disc!