Getting in the groove…

So as I’ve been rambling on for months now, I’ve been having a really hard time finding the “perfect” wheel. Right before the last bout, I was in a panic, since my wheels were totally bald, and I was sliding all over the place. I finally bit the bullet, and ordered some white G-Rods. I slapped them on right before the bout, which turned out to be a VERY BAD IDEA. They were totally foreign wheels to me, and really messed my game up. I felt sluggish in them. After a few weeks of practice, they were better, but still not my dream wheel, which was upsetting, considering how much they cost. I felt like I got the same happiness level from my Radar’s, which are about half the cost.
One of our girls, Katya Lookin, is a wheel whore. Which I hope she doesn’t mind me saying out loud 😉 She goes through lots, and lots of wheels. Gets some for different surfaces, is always trying new ones, etc. She managed to score a pretty sweet group rate on some wheels, and I decided to go for the pink G-rods. They are grippy, like the white wheels, but more narrow.
The first couple practices on them were really rough. Inside the pack, I felt waaay more maneuverable. On the straightaways however, It felt like I was working twice as hard to maintain the same speed. My shins and calves were burning in ways they haven’t burned since my first practices three years ago!
It felt like I was having to trade greater pack movement, and tighter turns on the corners, for my speed. Not too sure if that was something I was willing to do. I figured I would stick with them until my legs quit burning, then see how I felt. Because the burn was just building up muscle right?
Last night, I hit the track like normal. We did pyramids, and I was in a pretty fast group. I began to notice, about halfway through, that not only was I passing people, moving fast, and staying right up front with the fastest girls, my legs weren’t burning! Sure my lungs were on fire, but I was going pretty damn fast!
Scrimmage time came, and when I got up to jam, not only was I able to slip through the pack pretty darn quickly, hold my place in the turns, I was keeping good speed on the straights too!
We’ll see if Sunday goes just as well, but as of right now, I’m really feeling these narrow wheels! Maybe, after three seasons, I’m finally finding wheels that make me happy!